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DEUTZ Diesel Engines & Parts Dealer

CONSO Engines is the official DEUTZ Diesel Engines & Parts Dealer in France. The independent manufacturer of diesel and gas engines in the power range from 19 to 620 kW. CONSO is distributing genuine DEUTZ Parts that have been designed and tested specifically for DEUTZ Diesel engines. Genuine Parts ensure maximum performance and long engine life.

Additionnaly, CONSO offers a wide range of maintenance support within the DEUTZ Service Dealer network for all DEUTZ engines and specifically the Marine Engines. Thanks to our highly qualified team of technicians working in our repair workshop, we are able to quickly diagnose your DEUTZ Diesel engine and repair it. Additionally,  we conduct Oil analysis as an outsourced solution that is part of the expert services offered by CONSO. Oil analyses are provided by an external lab (ISO 9001 certified). No matter where your vessels operate, CONSO DEUTZ Diesel Engines dealer is ready with the appropriate tools, technologies, and expertise to help you keep your boats or machines running productively and profitably.

Deutz Diesel Engines Parts

DEUTZ Diesel Engines Genuine Spare Parts

We are proud to have a warehouse located in Nice, France containing thousands of Genuine DEUTZ Spare Parts for Marine and Industrial engines. We ship these products globally and offer a local delivery service within the French Riviera main ports such as Antibes, Cannes, Monaco, Nice, Golfe-Juan, and others. Our DEUTZ aftermarket parts catalog includes:

  • Engine Parts
    Turbocharger, Starter, Alternator, Pistons, Piston liners, Valves, Crankshaft, Camshaft, Piston rods, Water pump, Oil pump, Oil cooler, Injection System, Cylinder head, Engine control unit, etc.
  • Kits
    Repair kits, Cylinder piston assembly
  • Maintenance parts
    Gaskets, Filters, V-Belts
  • Operating liquids
    Additives, Coolant, Oils
  • Exchange Parts
    Warranty equivalent to new DEUTZ parts (up to 40% cheaper)

To buy DEUTZ Genuine Spare Parts, you can visit our Online Shop that contains a selection of DEUTZ products, or directly Contact Us to be able to order any of the items from the official DEUTZ Parts Catalog. Our office located in Nice, France is open Monday through Friday and enables you to pick up your parts directly from our stock. In the event that your part is not available, we benefit from overnight delivery from the main European Warehouse from DEUTZ AG.

Deutz Diesel Marine Engines

DEUTZ Marine Diesel Engines

CONSO is specialized in DEUTZ Diesel Engines and power units for recreational boating and Yachting (Yacht, Mega Yacht, Super Yacht) for many years and does also support machines, pumps and vehicles. Our team conducts maintenance services for all types of DEUTZ Diesel engines, as well as complete generator sets. In addition to power generation, we offer after treatment solutions and complete fuel gas handling systems. CONSO is the leading French Riviera expert in the maintenance of:

  • DEUTZ Compact Engines
    Liquid-cooled engines with displacements under 4 litres and 4 to 8 litre engines
  • DEUTZ Customised Solutions
    Air-cooled engines, as well as large liquid-cooled engines with displacements of more than 8 litres

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