The cylinder block comprises the main body of the engine.  Due to the constant, reciprocating action of the pistons the cylinder bores can become worn over time.  Piston and bore damage can also occur if the engine has been excessively over-heated or poor atomization of fuel.

If damage or wear has been caused to your cylinders we can rebore your engine and supply oversize pistons (assuming availability).  Even if the bores have been damaged beyond the maximum oversize there is the possibility of boring and fitting a cylinder liner to bring the cylinder bore back to standard size.  After a cylinder is bored it will then be honed to polish the slightly rough finish.

All new engines are supplied with standard pistons, after reboring the diameter of the cylinders will increase, which will require oversize pistons to be fitted.  These can be available in a range of sizes and we can enquire as to what sizes are available before boring.  If oversize pistons are not available we can fit a cylinder liner which will bring the cylinder back to the standard size. 

Some new engines are supplied with liners already fitted to the engine block, if these become damaged or worn we can remove them using our hydraulic pulling equipment, once removed we can then go on to fit new liners.

This work is carried out by high precision machinery by a team of engineers with over 50 years of experience.