Engine Parts & Servicing on the French Riviera - Since 1938

CONSO has been founded in 1938 on the French Riviera. We are specialized in different activities related to engine service and engine parts. Due to the nature of our activity, we have a highly skilled team of mechanical engineers ready to assist on major repairs and servicing, a team of sales specialist able to identify the right parts for your material and a large dedicated workshop of 11,000 sq. feet equipped with various grinding tools for the repair of complex mechanical parts.

PARTS - Engine parts for the following activities

Marine & Yachting Parts

Engine Parts for inboard propulsion engines and Diesel Generators. Genuine Parts available quickly.

Industry & Rail​ Parts

We provide engine Parts for various industrial applications (compactors, handlers, loaders, dozers, drills, ...)

Auto & Truck Parts

Our Automotive/Truck team is wholesaling parts to individuals and professionals.

SERVICE - Repair services for the following applications

Marine & Yachting Engine Service

Engine repair services for inboard propulsion engines and Diesel Generators. Our area of expertise is across the French Riviera for the brands we distribute: Caterpillar, Deutz MWM, Kohler, etc.

Industry & Rail​ Engine Service

We provide engine repair services for various industrial applications(compactors, handlers, loaders, dozers, drills, ...) across the French riviera.

Mechanical Grinding Workshop

Best class grinding workshop for renovating your engine parts (cylinder head surfacting, boring, honing, pressure testing, chemical cleaning, ...)

Our main office location in Nice, France