22984478: Fuel filter (replaced by 24215091) Volvo Penta

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Compatible with the following engines: D4-175I-G, D4-230I-G, D4-270I-G, D4-300I-G, D4-320I-G, D4-150A-G, D4-230A-G, D4-270A-G, D4-300A-G, D4-320A-G D6-300I-G, D6-300A-G, D6-300D-G, D6-340I-G, D6-340A-G, D6-340D-G, D6-380I-G, D6-380A-G, D6-380D-G, D6-400A-G, D6-440A-G, D6-440I-G, D6-440D-G, D6-440I-WJ-G, D6-480I-G, D6-480D-G, D6-480I-WJ-G

This part has been replaced by part 24215091. Depending on available stocks you will receive one or other of the references.


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