FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1 - How do I find the parts I need?

Option 1: you have the part number: enter the part number or the search keyword in the search bar of the website, the part in question, if referenced on our site should appear.

Option 2: You do not have a part number. We can help you find the part you are looking for in several ways. - Search by category: on the home page, you will find, in the upper part of the menu bar, the category drop-down menu - Search using the search filters, you can find the parts that come closest to your criteria.

Option 3: If you need help identifying the parts needed for a specific service or repair, we advise you to contact us using the ""Contact Us"" section.

2 - How can I create an account?

To create an account on CONSO-SHOP.COM, follow these steps: Click on the Create an account link at the top right of the home page and complete the registration form.

3 - Where can I collect my parts?

On the delivery method selection page, it is possible to opt for "Click & Collect". It will therefore be possible to place an order and pick up the parts in our store located in Nice. 12 chemin de saquier, 06200 Nice.

4 - Can I have the part delivered to me?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Once the desired parts have been placed in the Basket, click on Proceed to payment, then on the delivery method selection page. You can choose from the different delivery methods available. If you have any questions about delivery times and prices or if your delivery country address is not visible, please contact us and we will check how easy we can arrange the delivery to your location on a custom basis.

5 - How can I check the status of my order and tracking link of the delivery?

By accessing the "My Account" and "Order History" page, it is possible to consult the status of the order and to access, in the event of delivery, the carrier's tracking.

6 - How do I add special instructions to my order?

You can add special instructions or details about your order on the Store Pickup & Delivery page. These instructions will be shared with the store during its preparation and can be transmitted to the carrier.

7 - Where can I find my previous orders?

Click on the "My Account" section, in the main menu, and click on Order History. The recent order history will show the last three orders you made.

8 - How do I search for part plans?

The parts plans are the property of the brands that publish them, it is not possible to share them. However, you can contact us by providing your engine serial number and we will search for you while sharing by email the plans that we can access.

9 - Where can I consult CONSO-SHOP.COM's return policies?

The return policies are accessible in the footer of the website.

10 - Where can I consult the CONSO-SHOP.COM warranty policy?

You will find a link to the warranty policy towards the bottom of the website page.

11 - How do I find CONSO-SHOP.COM contact information and opening hours?

In the footer of the site, the store section provides information on the location, contact details and opening hours of our store in Nice.