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1R-1808 Caterpillar Oil Filter

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Advanced Efficiency Filters have increased contamination control without giving up capacity


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Advanced Efficiency Filters have increased contamination control without giving up capacity. They meet stricter emission requirements and are available as an upgrade for some Standard Efficiency Filters when better filtration is favorable.

Cat® Engine Oil Filters are designed to meet the needs of Cat engines by providing superior protection against particles that can make their way into the lubrication system during service or component wear.


Marine products

3408, c18, 3408b, c32, c9, d399, 3412e, c30, 3412, c9.3, d379a 3406c, d379b, 3412d, 3412c, c-12, c12, d398a 3406b, 3406e, 3176c, c15, d398b, 3196

Wheel tractor-scraper

657e, 627g, 637g, 637k, 623f, 637d, 637e, 627f, 633e ii 631e, 621h, 657b, 631k, 627e, 621e, 621k oem 657, 623h, 623k lrc 623e, 621g, 621k, 657g, 627k lrc 621f, 627k, 623g, 631g

Underground articulated truck

Ad45b, ad30, ad22

Track feller bunchers

552, 532, 522, 521, 521b, tk721, 2491, 551, 522b, 541, 5522

Forest products

2290, 552 2 541 2 tk752, tk741, 2590, 2864c, tk732, 2390, tk711, 586c, 2391, 511, tk751, 345c, tk722

Track type tractors

D7e, d7elgp, d6r, d8rlrc, d11r, d8t, d7riixr, d10n, d11t, d6riilgp, d10r, d6rxr, d6rxl, d6tlgpvp, d7rii, d8n, d6t, d6rii, d6riii, d10t, d10t2, d8rii, d7r, d11rcd, d9t, d8l, d6txlvp, d6rlgp, d6riixl, d6txl, d11tcd, d6t2xl, d6t2lgp, d6tlgp, d6txw, d6t2xw, d6riixw, d6tlgpoem, d6riiilgp, d6r2lgp, d7riilgp, d6riiixl, d6txwvp, d7rlgp, d6riiixw

Load, haul, dump


Track-type tractor

D6r iii d6t, d7r ii d6t lgp d6r ii d6t xw d6t xl d6r, d11t, d6r xl d9r, d6r std d8r ii d7e lgp d11r, d9t, d6t xw pat d6t lgppat d7e, d8r d8t, d6t xl pat d7r lgp d10t2, d7r xr d8n, d6r lgp

Track-type loader

973c, 973


Rm-350b, rr-250b, ss-250b, rm500b, rm-500



Log loaders forestry


7 to 9 liter

C9, c9.3, c7, c-9


Wheel tractor scrapers

623f, 657g, 637k, 633d, 637g, 627h, 627e, 621h, 651b, 627epp, 621g, 631eii, 651e, 631g, 623g, 623b, 627g, 621b, 623e, 637e, 621f, 623k, 633e, 637d, 657e, 623h, 631k, 657b, 637klrc, 631d, 639d, 621k, 637dpp, 623klrc, 627klrc, 631koem, 631klrc, 621klrc, 657epp, 621hoem, 621koem

Motor grader

160m 3 140m 2 135h, 14l 12m 2 16h na 24, 12m 3 awd 12m 3 24h, 160m 2 16g, 160h, 120h, 140h, 160m, 140m, 160m 3 awd 16m3, 140m 3 14m-3 12h, 140m 3 awd

Wheel-type loader

966m xe 988k xe 966g ii 980h, 966h, 980m, 990 ii 972h, 966m, 972m, 990k, 972m xe 966k, 992k, 982m, 988k, 993k, 980k, 980g ii 986h, 980k hlg 980f ii 988f ii 988h, 966k xe 972l, 980c, 97am 988b

Track loaders

973c, 973d

Engine - truck

3408, 3406e, c9, 3306, c15, 3306b, 3406c, 3406b, c-12, c13, c11, c7, c-15, c-9, 3408b

Large mining products

5110bmh, 5110bl, 6015b, 5110bme

Material handler



Sr5, sr4b, sr4, sr500 xqp500

15 to 18 liter

C15, 3406c, g3406, 3406e, c18, c-16, 3456, c-15, c-18

Forestry excavators

345cfmst, 330dfmgf

Road reclaimer

Rm500b, rm-350, rm-250c, rm-300, sm-350


Md6250, md6310

Wheel loaders

972h, 966gii, 990, 966m, 992c, 992k, 980f, 982m, 972m, 980g, 988b, 992d, 980m, 972k, 993k, 988k, 966k, 980fii, 988g, 966h, 966l, 980h, 980c, 972l, 988f, 980gii, 990h, 980k, 980l, 992klrc, 988klrc, 966mxe, 972mxe, 993klrc, 966kxe

Wheel dozers

824g, 814f, 834b, 824k, 834g, 834k, 854g, 854klrc, 854k, 834klrc, 824c, 814b, 824h, 844h, 814fii, 824gii

Wheel excavators


Cold planers

Pm-565b, pm-200, pr-1000, pm-465, pm620, pm622, pr-450c, pm-201, sf-102r


Pl72, 587t, pl87, 572r ii

Engine - generator set

C9, cg137-12 3408b, g3412, 3408c, c15, 3406c, c18, c9 gen set c13genset c32, 3408, 3456, c13, c13 xq375 g3306

Expanded mining products

6015, md6290, 6020b, md5150c, 6015b, 6018, 6015 fs 6040, 6040 fs 6030

Track excavators

345biil, 345d, 349fl, 336d2l, 330c, 345c, 336doem, 385b, 385coem, 336elh, 345dlvg, 349d2, 390fl, 336dl, 330cl, 352f2vg, 352fxevg, 5090b, 5080, 349d2l, 336d2loem, 345clvg, 390d, 330dl, 365clfs, 349f, 385c, 345dl, 350l, 349d2oem, 336d2, 330d, 330cln, 336fln, 375, 330dloem, 336f, 350, 349dlvg, 345bl, 336d2gc, 349elvg, 345bii, 349dl, 345cvgoem, 336el, 385cfs, 340d2loem, 340d2l, 349flxe, 349el, 336d2xe, 336d2lxe, 352fxe, 349flvg, 330dln, 390fmhoem, 390dl, 336fl, 336dloem, 374fl, 365cloem, 385bl, 365cl, 375l, 385clmh, 345cl, 345cmh, 385cl, 365cmh, 345clwvg, 340fuhd

Off-highway truck

773g, 777f, 773e, 775d, 769d, 775b, 775f, 773d, 770g, 773f, 775g lrc 772g, 777g, 773b, 777e, 769c, 773g oem 772g oem 770, 775g oem 773g lrc 771d, 777d, 770g oem 771c

Articulated trucks

740ej, 730c, 740cej, d400e, 735dlrc, 740, 730c2, 745c, 730dejlrc, 740b, 735c, 735, 725, 730, 735b, 730c2ej, 725c2, 735d, 730dej, 725c, d350eii, 730cej, 730d, d400eii, 740dej, 745d, 730dlrc, 730ej, 740bej

Underground articulated trucks

Ad55b, ad60, ad30, ad55, ad45b

Underground mining loaders

R1600g, r2900g, r1700g, r1600h, r3000h, r1700k

Cold planer

Pm312, pm310, pm313, pm-565, pm620, pr-1000c pm822, pm820

Engine - machine


Ag tractors

Mt845, mtc865, mt855, mtc835

Petroleum products

Th48-e70 c18, cx38-p892 th35-c11i th48-e80 c32, th35-c13i cx31-c9i cx31-c15i c27, th35-c15i th31-c9i c9, cx31-p600 c13, th31-c9t cx31-c13i th31-e61 cx31-c11i th31-c9p th35-e81 c15, cx35-c18i th35-c15t cx35-p800 cx38-p800 c11, cx31-c18i th35-c13t c-15

Hydraulic track drills

Md5125, md5075






G3306b, 3306, g3306



10 to 13 liter

C11, c13, c-12

Engine - industrial

3406e, c15, g3408, cg137-08 3126, g3412, c11, cg137-12 g3306, 3176b, d398 3406, sct673 sbf214 c7, c32, 3406b, g3408b, c18, 3412e, c13, g3406, 3412c, c9.3b, 3412, suf557 c-16, sps342 c9, 3408b, c9.3, spt342 g3304b, sg137-08 g379a, c-10, c27, 3196, 3408, d399, 3126b, g379 g398 c-12, 3406c, c-15, c-9, g3306b, 3408c, g3408c, d398b, 3456, g399, 3176c, g3304, cpt372 d379


836k, 836klrc, 825k, 826k, 815f, 826g, 826c, 836h, 816f, 825h, 825g, 825c, 826h, 815fii, 825gii, 816fii, 826gii

Motor graders

140m2awd, 14m3, 24m, 140mawd, 140m3, 16g, 160mawd, 18m3, 14lawd, 160m2awd, 143h, 120hna, 14m, 160m, 160m3, 12m3awd, 16m3, 16m, 140m, 14h, 12m3, 163h, 16h, 140hna, 160m3awd, 140m3awd, 135hna, 160m2, 12hna, 140m2, 160hna, 12m2awd

Articulated dump truck

740 gc 730c2 ej d350e ii 740b, 740c 730, 735 oem d400e ii 730c, 740, 725, d350e, 735b, 745


Mt765, mtc845, mt735, mtc765, mt865, mtc735, mt835, mt745, mtc855, mt755, mtc755, mtc745

Vees 27 to 32 liter

3408e, g3412, 3412e, 3408c, 3412c, 3412, c32, c27, g3412c, d379b, 3408a, 3408


Pl83, pl87, 583t

Engineer support tractor


Wheeled excavator

M330d w345b ii w345c mh

Wheel dozer

844k, 854k, 844, 814f ii 824g ii 834h, 834k

Off highway trucks

770g, 777d, 769c, 777dlrc, 769d, 771d, 773b, 773e2lrc, 773d, 777g, 775b, 772b, 777c, 775e, 772, 777b, 775g, 775f, 772g, 773glrc, 775d, 771c, 777e2 775goem, 777glrc, 773elrc, 777goem, 773dlrc, 770glrc, 772goem, 770goem, 772glrc


352f oem 330d l 336d2 l 340f, 336f l xe 345d, 374d l 385c l 345b, 349f lxe 330d fm 349d l 345d l 385c, 330c fm 345b l 349e l 330d ln 336f l 390f l 349e l vg 336d l 336e lh 336f, 365c 345c mh 5090b, 336e l 336d2, 345b ii 340f l lre 568 fm 390f 352f-vg 330c, 350 l 345c l 349e, 345c, 349f l 330c ln 349d2 l 374f l 352f, 340d2 l 330d mh 385b, 352f xe vg 336f xe 385c fs 336e, 336d ln 5110b 336d, 336d2 l xe 330c l 365c l 374f 336d2 lxe 336e ln 336d2 gc 336d2 xe 349d2, 336e hvg 336f ln 349e l hvg 345d l vg 349d, 390d l 340f l uhd 352fmhpu 350, 330d, 375 l 340d l 336e h 365c l mh 336f lnxe 390d, 385c l mh 375, 330c mh 336e lnh 336fmhpu 568 fm ll 336f ln xe 5080, 345b ii mh

Earthmoving compactor

826c, 836, 816f ii 815f ii 825g ii 836k, 826g ii

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