Deutz Filters

Why buying official Deutz Parts?

  • - Highest degree of filter fineness: Secure filtration of dirt particles in the micrometer size range
  • - Filter medium with impregnation protection and high tear strength:  Extended filter life time and prevention of cracks in the filter medium
  • - Optimum folding geometry: Large amount of paper can be fitted into a very small space – allows for high dirt holding capacity and durability as well as optimum filtration throughout the entire change interval
  • - Special paper embossing and creasing: Ensures sufficient distance between pleats – the filter surface is available for dirt absorption for the entire duration of the air filter interval
  • - Neatly produced and glued bellow ends: High filtration level and reduced wear

DEUTZ Air Filters provide optimal protection, consistent engine performance and low fuel consumption – the perfect match for your engine!

Deutz Filters

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