French Riviera original grinding workshop - since 1938

Our grinding workshop, founded more than 80 years ago is experienced in the testing, inspection and overhauling of your mechanical parts.

Our areas of expertise

Testing / Inspection

- Cylinder Head Pressure Test
- Compression test
- Blowby Test
- Crankshaft test / control
- Injector test
- Fuel pump test

Cylinder Heads Repairs

- Valves removal / reassembly
- Valves vacuum test
- Valve Seats Grinding
- Valves Grinding
- Valve Guide replacement
- Cylinder Head Surfacing
- Cylinder Head Pressure Test
- Injector sleeves replacement

Engine Blocks Repairs

- Liners / Pistons removal / reassembly
- Engine bloc boring
- Engine bloc honing
- Bearings replacement

Water Pump Repairs (Fresh / Raw Water)

- Water Pump dismantle
- Replacement with minor or major repair kits

Turbocharger repairs

- Disassembly of turbo covers
- Cleansing of covers
- Inspection of cartridges
- Replacement of cartridges

Starter / Alternators

- Inspections
- Tests

Focus on some of our activities


Injectors Test

We clean, inspect and pressure test your mechanical injectors. We renovate injectors by changing their nozzles.

For electronical injectors, we can send them to the appropriate manufacturer's test bench for inspection and renovation. Same for fuel injection pumps.


Cylinder Head & Block Surfacing

We control & test the flatness of your cylinder heads or engine block (steel or cast iron). Our two surfacing machines are able to surface up to 100 cm in lengh.


Cylinder Head Test

We pressure test cylinder head by adding pressurized air to the head and immersing it into a hot bath of 70°C. 

This test let us confirm if the cylinder head is broken or if any sleeve or sanding plug is broken.


Engine Block Boring

We are equipped to bore cylinder blocks to an oversize dimensions. This enables your engine to accommodate either a repair sleeve or an oversized piston.

We can also perform honing on the cylinders in order to renovate a cylinder within the tolerated dimensions.

Our Key figures

Surfacing Machine
Valves grinding machines
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