Experienced Marine Mechanical Engineers

Our team of accredited engineers are skilled and experienced for the repair and maintenance of Diesel Marine Engines and Generators. Whether you need a basic service, routine maintenance, a video cylinder borescope inspection or a complete engine overhaul, our engineers are second to none.

Plus, if you are in the process of buying or selling a yacht, a sea trial is an optimum way to be sure of the engine’s condition. Our in-depth sea trials inspections are performed using the manufacturer’s recommended software, which ensures you receive a comprehensive performance report on completion along with fluid analysis results.

Our Repair Levels

Level 1


We can perform visual and electronical inspection of your engines in order to evaluate its health. We can advise you on where a leak comes from, assess the wear of a part. We can perform Borescope Inspection, compression test, blowby test, load test & sea trial reports to name a few. 

The connection with the manufacturer's software like Caterpillar Electro Technician, Deutz Serdia or Kohler Site Tech will help understand the engine data log, the passed and active alarms along with any needed updates to the engine control unit/module (ECU-ECM).

Level 2

Routine Maintenance

From preventive to urgent repairs, we assist on performing the scheduled maintenance of your engine by following the manufacturer's recommendation and making sure your engine delivers its best. Routine maintenance generally includes: Oil drain, filtration change, zinc plugs and anodes replacement, Sea water pump impeller replacement, belt tension check, turbo clearances check, fluid analysis.

Level 3

Coolers Cleaning / Test

Cooling system components like Heat Exchangers or aftercoolers require specific attention in order to prevent heating issues. At CONSO, we perform dismantling and chemical cleansing of these components along with thermostats / regulators replacement to ensure the best engine performance.

We also pressure test cooler cores in order to make sure they have no leaks.

Level 4

Top-end / Major Overhauls

When your engine needs bigger work, CONSO can assist you with overhauling project, either on-board or at our workshop. Replacing cylinder head, liners, pistons, conrods, checking fuel injection pump, controlling crankshaft, etc.

Our key figures

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Our additional areas of expertise

Manufacturer's Software Diagnosis

We own CAT ET, Deutz Serdia, Kohler Site Tech, Hatz HDS² and other softwares that will allow us to read / write on the ECU and export data logs.

Fluid Analysis

We work with an ISO certified laboratory that will conduct oil, fuel or coolant analysis.

Survey Inspections

If you are planning to sell or purchase a yacht, our team of engineers can perform sea trials, visual inspections, video borescope inspections and fluids analysis.

Video Borescope Inspections

Our high-end video borescope tool provides a very detailed view of the inside of your cylinders or any other components (gearbox, cooler, manifold). Such inspection enables to assess better the condition of an engine.

New Installation

If you need a remanufactured or a newly built engine or generator, we can help you finding what is available for you.

Onboard repairs

No need to remove an engine to repair it. Our mobile team of engineers travel across the Mediterranean to access your engine and make the appropriate repair.

Engine painting

After being overhauled or repaired, we can re-paint your engine. Not only it will be better looking but you will easily identify leakage sources moving forward.

Grinding Workshop

Our company is famously known for its grinding workshop on the French Riviera, we are able to repair cylinder heads and bore / hone engine blocks.

Engine Vibration

Engine mounts, dampers and the alignment with your gearbox and shaft can be tested and fine-tuned in order to ensure the most comfortable and powerful experience with your propulsion engine.

Generators Load Bank Test

Diesel generators needs to be tested at their 100% load sometimes. When this is not achievable, we can rent out a load bank that will be positioned in front of your vessel. Then we will test your generators up to 100% which will help on cleaning the exhaust lines and ensuring top performance.

Our value proposition

Trained & qualified engineers​

Our team of mechanical engineers is qualified and certified by the manufacturer brands we represent.

Manufacturer's Genuine Parts

The parts we install are manufacturer's genuine parts and will ensure maximum reliability with your engine.

Detailed quotations and reports

Our sales engineers ensure that the appropriate parts are quoted and procured before our service date. Any additionnal quotes will be sent to you upfront.

Service Authorized Dealer

CONSO is a Service Authorized Dealer for the brands listed at the bottom of this page. We are able to work under manufacturer's warranty as well if your engine qualifies.

Quick Response 24/7

We aim at replying to your quotation request in a quick manner. In case of urgent service, we remain at your disposal 24/7.

Our service area in France, Monaco and Italy

Marseille - La Ciotat - La Seyne sur Mer - Toulon - Hyères - Le Lavandou - Saint Tropez - Sainte Maxime - Fréjus - Mandelieu - Cannes - Golfe Juan - Antibes - Nice - Beaulieu - Monaco - Menton - Ventimiglia - San Remo - Imperia

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Authorized Marine Dealer for the following brands

CONSO is an Authorized Caterpillar Dealer. Our status is called Authorized Marine Dealer (AMD) for the South of France. We work on marine main engines and generators. 

The most common engines we serve are:

- 3500 series

- 34000 series

- 3300 series

- 3200 series

- 3100 series

- 3000 series

- C32, C30, C18, C7, C6, C4

CONSO is an Authorized Deutz and Deutz MWM Distributor for France.

We repair marine propulsion engines and generators. 

The most common engines we serve are:

- Deutz 628

- Deutz 620

- Deutz 616

- Deutz 604

CONSO is an Authorized Kohler Generators Dealer. Is it called Kohler Service Dealer.

We repair Kohler Marine Generators for pleasure craft and commercial applications. 

The most common engines we serve are:

From 6KW to more than 200 KW

CONSO is an Authorized Lombardini Service Center for South of France.

CONSO is an Authorized Perkins Service Center for South of France.

CONSO is an Authorized Poyaud Distributor for France.

We repair marine propulsion engines and generators. 

The most common engines we serve are:

UD18, UD23, UD25, UD150

CONSO is an Authorized Volvo Penta Service Center for South of France.

The most common engines we serve are:

D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7

KAD, TAMD, TMD and others.

CONSO is an Authorized Yanmar Service Center (Sub Dealer) for South of France.

The most common engines we serve are:

3JH, 4JH, etc.