Creation of the company by
François & Renée CONSO

CONSO was founded by François CONSO in Nice downtown on the Michel-Ange street. The company was at the time specialized in Truck parts and engine parts. the company inaugurated the creation of the first grinding workshop of the region.


Transmission of the company to
Jean & Sylviane CONSO

Jean and Syliviane have taken over and have signed a deal with the TELMA electromagnetic retarder for the distribution in the region. The grinding workshop has grown and other skills such as boilermaking were extended to the company.


Transmission of the company to
Jean-François & Martine CONSO

After the death of Jean CONSO, Sylviane and her son Jean-François CONSO have continued the management of the company and its development. At that time it was the boom of the air conditionning installation on auto and trucks that the company did with the distribution of Thermoking products.

Martine CONSO, Jean-François' wife, joined the company as well. Later in 1985, Jean-François added the marine business as a priority sector to address. We won the distribution of Deutz MWM products that were very popular at the time. 


Moving of the company to bigger facilities

Due to a development project in CONSO's original location, the company was forced to move out from the downtown area. This was an opportunity for CONSO to benefit from a much bigger facility in order to extend its workshop and enable for much more production. The new location was at 12 chemin de Saquier in Nice and it continues to be CONSO's current office.


Transmission of the company to
Christophe CONSO

Christophe CONSO, Jean-François' son, took over the company in 2020 after a proven 10 years experience in sales in Paris. He continues the development of the company in order to extend its reach and increase its expertise along more precise / electronical diagnostic tools of the engines.



Years of activity