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  • CAT® Filters

    CAT® Filters are engineered, built and tested, specifically for Caterpillar machines.

    We offer all types of Caterpillar filters, including Air filters, Fuel filters, Oil filters, Fuel Water SeparatorsHydraulic transmission filters or Breather Filters

    The benefits of using official CAT filters are:

    • Acrylic beads to prevent pleat bunching

    • Spiral roving for greater pleat stability

    • A nylon center tube to prevent metal contamination

    • Molded end caps to prevent leaks

  • Deutz Filters

    Why buying official Deutz Parts?

    • - Highest degree of filter fineness: Secure filtration of dirt particles in the micrometer size range
    • - Filter medium with impregnation protection and high tear strength:  Extended filter life time and prevention of cracks in the filter medium
    • - Optimum folding geometry: Large amount of paper can be fitted into a very small space – allows for high dirt holding capacity and durability as well as optimum filtration throughout the entire change interval
    • - Special paper embossing and creasing: Ensures sufficient distance between pleats – the filter surface is available for dirt absorption for the entire duration of the air filter interval
    • - Neatly produced and glued bellow ends: High filtration level and reduced wear

    DEUTZ Air Filters provide optimal protection, consistent engine performance and low fuel consumption – the perfect match for your engine!

  • Hatz Filters

    Discover a wide selection of original HATZ filters for your equipment. Choose from a range of Air Filter, Fuel Filter and Fuel Pre-Filter as well as Oil Filter.

    By using genuine HATZ filters, you guarantee optimum efficiency and the longevity of your engine components.

  • Kohler Filters
  • Yanmar Filters

    Yanmar engines are designed to deliver the best performance by using Yanmar Genuine Parts, including filters. A Yanmar Genuine filter can help prevent degradation of the fuel injection system by preventing impurities from clogging the device. And as exhaust regulations become more strict, a Yanmar filter will become necessary to protect the machine and meet these new standards.

  • Volvo Penta Filters

    With Volvo Penta maintenance parts, you ensure reliable protection that is perfectly matched to the specific requirements of your engine and drive. They are carefully engineered and rigorously tested to our high-quality standards to secure safe, dependable and long-lasting performance – making them the best choice for maintenance of your Volvo Penta product.

  • Racor / Parker Filters
  • ZF Filters
  • Separ Fuel Filters

Active filters

Availability: 40 In Stock

CAT® 274-7913 crankcase air filter is your best value for extreme duty applications, delivering increased engine protection and preventing equipment downtime. Consistently choosing Cat air filters is the best choice to ensure long life and optimum performance of your following compatible Cat machinery : C-12, C12, C18, C7, C9, 3126B, 3176C, 3196, and see below for other compatibilities.

Attributes: Fiberglass filter media with plastic end caps

Availability: 17 In Stock

CAT® Engine Oil Filters 1R-0716 is designed to meet the needs of Caterpillar engines by providing superior protection against particles that can make their way into the lubrication system during service or component wear.

Designed to work specifically with the following Caterpillar engines models: 3176B, 3176C, 3196, 3304, 3304B, 3306, 3306B, 3406B, 3406C, 3406E, 3408B, 3408C, 3412, 3412C, 3412D, 3412E, 3516, C-12, C12, C18, C30, C32, and see below for other compatibilities.

Availability: 62 In Stock

CAT® Fuel Filters 1R-0749 / 389-0432 is designed to remove the small contaminants that cause the most harm to your Caterpillar Engines. Designed to work specifically with the following Caterpillar engines models: 3406B, 3406C, 3406E, 3408, 3408B, 3408C, 3412, 3412C, 3412D, 3412E, C-12, C12, C15, C18, C30, C32, C9.3, 3176B, 3176C, 3196, 3304, 3304B, 3306, 3306B, and see below for other compatibilities.

The filter is available in two colors: White (ref. 389-0432) or Yellow (ref. 1R-0749).


  • - Unique filter media providing unsurpassed protection
  • - Acrylic beads preventing bunching
  • - Spiral roving providing greater pleat stability and maximum dirt holding capability
  • - Nylon center tube preventing metal contamination
  • - Molded end caps preventing leaks