Yanmar Filters

Yanmar engines are designed to deliver the best performance by using Yanmar Genuine Parts, including filters. A Yanmar Genuine filter can help prevent degradation of the fuel injection system by preventing impurities from clogging the device. And as exhaust regulations become more strict, a Yanmar filter will become necessary to protect the machine and meet these new standards.

Yanmar Filters

Active filters

129150-35170 Yanmar Oil Filter

Oil Filter genuine ref. 129150-35170 (replaces the ref. 129150-35150; 129150-35151; 129150-35151-12; 129150-35153; 129150-35160).

Engines Yanmar 4JH-E; 4JH-TE; 4JH-DTE; 4JH-HTE; 4JH2-E; 4JH2-TE; 4JH2-DTE; 4JH2-HTE; 4JH2-UTE(B); 4JH3-E; 4JH3-TE; 4JH3-DTE; 4JH3-HTE; 4JH3-E(YEU); 4JH4-E; 4JH4-TE; 4JH4-THE; 4JH4AE; 4JH45; 4JH57; 4JH80; 4JH110; D27AX; D27AY; D36AX; D36AY.

Price €10.27

129574-55711 Yanmar Fuel...

Gasoil Filter genuine ref. 129574-55711 (replaces the ref. 129574-55710).

Engines Yanmar 4JH2-UTE; 4JH3-E; 4JH3-TE; 4JH3-DTE; 4JH3-HTE; 4JH4E; 4JH4-TE; 4JH4-THE; 4LH4-TE; 4LH4-HTE.

Price €48.72