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  • Marine generators: Expert tips
    Marine generators: Expert tips

    Marine Generators: Expert Tips" from Conso Shop advises on key features to consider when selecting a marine generator. High-end generators are designed to minimize noise and vibrations, featuring advanced acoustic enclosures and improved air management systems. Recent innovations in engine mounting have further reduced vibrations. It is crucial to choose a generator with a solid warranty and global support network for peace of mind.

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  • Yacht Engines Guide
    Yacht Engines Guide

    Explore the differences and complexity of yacht and superyacht engines. Superyacht engines are particularly sophisticated, incorporating numerous auxiliary systems. Jean-François Conso from CONSO highlights the diversity of engines, from six-cylinder to sixteen-cylinder configurations, with brands like MTU and Cat leading the market. Diesel remains the primary fuel, though LNG is emerging as a cleaner alternative. Maintenance is crucial for efficiency, and certifications like the Approved...

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  • CONSO expands its skills and becomes a Caterpillar Agent for Industrial Engines
    CONSO expands its skills and becomes a Caterpillar Agent for Industrial Engines

    CONSO, a recognized leader in the field of marine engine services, is taking an exciting new step by extending its skills to the industrial market. This significant progress is made possible thanks to its recent integration into the prestigious Eneria agent network. This strategic collaboration opens up vast prospects for CONSO, thus consolidating its position as a provider of cutting-edge solutions in the maritime sector while expanding its scope towards new industrial horizons.

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