Caterpillar C18 (1015 - 1150 mhp)

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Rating E - 747 bkW - 1015 mhp - 2300 rpm / Yacht setting.

The C18 ACERT marine propulsion engine has ratings for recreational applications that meet U.S. EPA Tier 3, IMO II, and EU Stage IIIA Regulations. This marine engine incorporates the latest core engine system innovations to provide maximum benefits in power density, performance, emissions, and fuel efficiency. Not only is it equipped with engine monitoring and protection features, it is also compatible with Cat display and vessel control systems.


• Aftercooler anticorrosive treatment

• Air filter and closed circuit gas recirculation

• Oil vapor breather

• Titanium plate heat exchanger - integrated oil cooler

• Seawater pump and gearbox driven coolant pump

• Aftercooler condenstat recuperator

• Freshwater cooled exhaust manifold and turbocharger

• Exhaust flange

• Engine oil cooler

• Charge Alternator 24V 105A

• Manual oil change pump

• Oil filter and control gauge (service right or left)

• MEUI fuel system

• Diesel fuel filter (left or right service)

• Diesel priming pump

• Connection hose

• Electronic control of the air / gas mixture

• Adjustable front mounting system

• Drive gear of a hydraulic pump on the front SAE A

• 2-groove pulley

• Safety guard and damper

• Customer acceptance

• MECP I control board


Data sheet

Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Lenght (mm)
Power Range (bkW)
747 - 847
Power Range (bhp)
1001 - 1136
Power Range (mhp)
1015 - 1150
Speed Range (rpm)
Approximate Engine Dry Weight (kg)

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