1R-0750 Caterpillar Fuel Filter

1R-0750 Caterpillar Fuel Filter

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CAT® Fuel Filters 1R-0750 is designed to remove the small contaminants that cause the most harm to your Caterpillar Engines. Designed to work specifically with the following Caterpillar engines models: 3116, 3208, 3304, 3304B, 3306, 3306B, C12, C4.4, C9, and see below for other compatibilities.


  • - Unique filter media providing unsurpassed protection
  • - Acrylic beads preventing bunching
  • - Spiral roving providing greater pleat stability and maximum dirt holding capability
  • - Nylon center tube preventing metal contamination
  • - Molded end caps preventing leaks

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Product Features / Compatibility:

  • Caterpillar Engine Model: C4
  • Caterpillar Engine Model: C9
  • Caterpillar Engine Model: C12
  • Caterpillar Engine Model: 3100 Series
  • Caterpillar Engine Model: 3200 Series
  • Caterpillar Engine Model: 3300 Series
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    Earthmoving Compactor
    815B 815F 816B 816F

    Wheel-Type Loader
    910E 910F 918F 936F 950B 950B/950E 950E 966D 966E 966F 966F II 966G 970F 972G 994D 994F 994H

    65 65B 65C 65D 70C

    Engine - Truck
    1673C 3116 3208 3306 3306B 3306C C9

    Engine - Generator Set
    3114 3116 3208 3304 3304B 3306 3306B

    Wheel-Type Skidder
    515 518C 525 528B 530B 545

    Off-Highway Truck
    776D 777D 784C 785 785B 785C 785D 789 789B 789C 789D 793C 793D 797B MT4400D AC

    Engine - Machine
    3114 3204 3208 3306

    Track-Type Loader
    953B 973 973C

    Engine - Industrial
    3114 3116 3204 3208 3304 3306 3306B 3516B C9.3 D330C D333C

    Articulated Dump Truck
    D250E D250E II D25D D300D D300E D300E II D30D D350D

    Cold Planer
    PR-1000 PR-1000C

    Motor Grader
    120G 12G 12H 12H ES 12H NA 130G 140G 140H 140H ES 140H NA 143H 14G 14H NA 160G 160H 160H ES 160H NA 163H NA

    Wheeled Excavator

    Track-Type Skidder
    517 527 D4HTSK III D5HTSK II

    Paving Compactor
    CB-434 CB-534 CB-634C CP-533 CP-563 CS-531 CS-533 CS-563 CS-573 CS-583 PS-500

    Wheel Dozer
    814B 814F

    Backhoe Loader
    446 446B

    Asphalt Paver
    AP-1000 AP-1050

    Integrated Toolcarrier
    IT12B IT14B IT14F IT18F

    572G 572R

    206B 211B 212B 213B 214B 214B FT 224B 235B 235C 235D 320D 320D FM 330 L 330 LN 330-A 330-A L 330-A L 330-A LN 330B 330B L 330B LN 350-A 350-A L

    Marine Products
    3116 3208 3304 3304B 3306 3306B C12 C4.4 C9

    Wheel Tractor-Scraper
    611 613C 613C II 615 615C 615C II 627B 627E 627F 627G 637D 637E 637G 639D

    Track-Type Tractor
    5 56 56H 57 57H 5P 5S 6 6A 6S 6SU 7 7A 7S 7SU 7U D4H D4H III D4H XL D5 D5E D5H D5H XL D6D D6D SR D6E D6E SR D6F SR D6G D6G SR D6G2 LGP D6G2 XL D6H D6H II D6H XL D6H XR D6R D7G D7G2 D7H D7R

    Load, Haul, Dump
    R1300 R1300G

    Chargeur À Bras Télescopique
    RT100 RT80

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    Caterpillar Engine Model
    Caterpillar Engine Model
    Caterpillar Engine Model
    Caterpillar Engine Model
    3100 Series
    Caterpillar Engine Model
    3200 Series
    Caterpillar Engine Model
    3300 Series

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