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Fuel filter / Water Separator Volvo Penta 22677639 (repl. 877762) / 877763

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22677639 (replaces 877762)

The filter is intended for installation between the fuel tank and engine. Three progressive stages – separation, coagulation and filtration ensure that fuel arrives at the engine free from contamination. The filter is prepared for connection of a water alarm. The filter is supplied without connectors or union nuts for fuel line connection.

Weight: 2 kg

Flow, max.: 227 l/hour

Degree of separation: 10 micron

Initial pressure drop at max. fuel flow, 10 micron filter element: 4.1 kPa

Recommended filter: Replaceable filter element 861014, 3581760.

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1 to 2 days availability

Compatible with the following engines: D-110I-A, D3-110I-B, D3-110I-C, D3-130A-A, D3-130I-A, D3-130A-B, D3-130I-B, D3-130A-C, D3-130I-C, D3-160A-A, D3-160I-A, D3-160A-B, D3-160I-B, D3-160A-C, D3-160I-C, D3-190A-B, D3-190I-B, D3-190A-C, D3-190I-C, D3-190I-A


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