131-1812 Caterpillar Fuel Water Separator

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CAT® Fuel Filters 131-1812 is designed to remove the small contaminants that cause the most harm to your Caterpillar Engines. Designed to work specifically with the following Caterpillar engines models: see compatibility below.


  • - Unique filter media providing unsurpassed protection
  • - Acrylic beads preventing bunching
  • - Spiral roving providing greater pleat stability and maximum dirt holding capability
  • - Nylon center tube preventing metal contamination
  • - Molded end caps preventing leaks
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Wheel-Type Loader
914G 924G 924GZ 928G 930G

Skid Steer Loader
216 226 228 236 242 246 247 248 252 257 262 267 277

Backhoe Loader
416B 416C 416D 420D 422E 424D 426B 426C 428B 428C 428D 428E 430D 432D 432E 434E 436B 436C 438B 438C 438D 442D 442E 444E

Integrated Toolcarrier


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