270-1528 O-ring Kit Caterpillar

270-1528 O-ring Kit Caterpillar

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Cat® O-Rings are used in static sealing and some dynamic applications.

Cat® O-Ring 270-1528 is made from materials that are matched to the fluids, temperatures and pressures found in Cat engines and machines. The materials resist wear and extrusion, and provide superior resistance to seal compression set. In addition, certain Cat O-Rings are coated with PTFE to minimize seal twisting and cutting during seal installation, all the characteristics and compatibilities of the Cat® O-Ring 270-1528 are detailed below.

Available within 1 to 2 days

Delivered within 2 to 5 days.

Applications: SAE STOR Fittings, SAE ORFS Fittings, SAE Code 61 Flanges, SAE Code 62 Flanges
Notes: 32 Sizes, 570 Seals Nitrile, 90 Duro
Seal Type: O-Ring


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