8LV Yanmar Service Kit - SK-8LV-001-G

8LV Yanmar Service Kit - SK-8LV-001-G

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Yanmar basic service kit fits the following models:

- 8LV 320 350 370

Contains the following parts:

2x XN199611 Air Filter Element

1x 120324-55760 Water Separator Element 

1x 119798-35110E Oil Filter Element

1x 119798-55110 Fuel Filter Element 

1x 119593-42202 Impeller

1x 24321-000700 Impeller O- Ring 

1x 119798-77350 Belt V- Ribbed

1x 119574-18790 Zinc Anti- Corrosive

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Delivered within 2 to 5 days.

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