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Synthetic oil for IPS system and transmission Aquamatic 75W-90 Volvo Penta

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High performance fully synthetic gear oils, specially formulated to ensure excellent load carrying capacity over a wide operating temperature range. Provides optimum shift control performance and maximum protection against wear and corrosion. They contain totally exclusive high-tech marine additives to minimize damage due to water contamination. All these characteristics give them decisive advantages over conventional transmission oils and help to ensure that the drive unit operates correctly while maintaining its long-term performance.

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For SX, SP-A2, SP-C transmissions (except ratio 2.15/1), DPS, FWD, DPI, DPH (except ratio 1.59/1), DPR, DPX, XDP, DP-A2 to DP-E, all IPS transmission, S-drive 120S-E transmission, MS2A/L-E, MS4, MS5 inverter.


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