217-0617 Additive for Cat ® Cooling SCA- Caterpillar

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The powerful additive to increase resistance to cold. DEUTZ FlowBoost reduces the minimum fuel operating temperature by up to 10°C and thus enables extended use of summer and transitional diesel. Additional special agents prevent the formation of large paraffin crystals and thus filters and fuel lines are protected against possible clogging.

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Diesel additive specially designed for critical applications with low fuel flow such as emergency generators or auxiliary generators. DEUTZ Start Boost increases diesel storage capacity and protects the fuel system against microorganisms. Ignition and starting reliability, even after prolonged shutdown, are increased thanks to a better cetane number.

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The optimized alternative to the usual DEF/AdBlue®: DEUTZ PowerBlue improves the spray appearance of the urea solution in the exhaust stream with special active agents. This reduces crystallization and machine downtime costs. Particularly suitable for low outside temperatures, light load operation and frequent start-stops.

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ELC® Extender 119-5152 ensures Cat ELC performance to 12,000 hours. It contains the same inhibitor package as Cat ELC.

Cat Extender 119-5152 is recommended in Cat products using Cat ELC, boosting depleted additives after 6,000 hours.

Cat Extender should be added at 300,000 miles for truck engines and 3,000 hours for machines and commercial engines. The system should be drained and flushed with clean water at 600,000 miles for truck engines and 6,000 hours for machines and commercial engines (no cleaning agents are required if you are already using ELC).