For every inlet and exhaust valve there will be a valve guide fitted into the cylinder head.  This valve guide serves to positively locate the valve to the valve seat so it makes proper contact.  Guides also serve to conduct heat away from the exhaust valve to the cylinder head.

If an engine suffers a catastrophic failure i.e. cam belt failure, the valve guides can crack due to the valves bending.  If this is the case we are able to remove the damaged valve guides and replace them with new guides.  If for any reason new valve guides are not available we are able to manufacture guides to suit.

Over time a valve guide can become worn, which can lead to smoking and oil consumption problems.  Rather than replacing valve guides we are able to re-sleeve them.  What this entails is for us to fit a phosphor bronze guide liner directly into the valve guide.  The benefits for re-sleeving valve guides rather than replacing are numerous, but they include durability, as the phosphor bronze guide liner is a harder wearing material the guides have been shown to outperform cast iron guides in durability, heat conductivity and friction reduction.

As well as the benefits listed above, re-sleeving valve guides is a less traumatic experience for the cylinder head.  As the guide liners are fitted directly into the valve guide it removes even the small risk attributed to removing and fitting valve guides.

We have a wide range of guide liners available to us, therefore we are able to offer this repair to the majority of vehicles on the road and at sea.