If a cylinder bore is minutely damaged it could possibly be honed rather than bored.    With this process what we are trying to achieve is to remove any damage to the cylinder bore without the need to substantially alter the bore diameter which will require the need to fit oversize pistons.  If we can achieve this than as long as the piston is not damaged in any way it may be re-fitted with new piston rings.

After reboring we would then carry on to hone the cylinder.  With honing what we want to achieve is a cross-hatch pattern finish which retains a layer of oil to aid lubrication when running in.  

After boring/honing we would highly recommend the use of a specifically made running in oil for the first 1000 miles after the engine has been rebuilt.  This is used to bed the new pistons/rings into the bored/honed cylinders.  This is to prevent the bore from glazing, which could lead to smoking problems.